Shikkui Plaster Finish Coats

Sora – Universal fine lime plasters. Applied with spraying machine, roller or trowel. Advanced workability, various texture effects, optional aggregates. Ideal for large scale commercial and residencial projects.

Doki – Lime plaster containing light-weight sand, cement and aggregates. Natural relief surfaces.

Wabi – Lime plaster with marble sand for creating relief textures.

Saisei – Lime plaster containing 50% reprocessed eggshells – recycled and rapidly – renewable source of calcium carbonate.

Inawara – lime plaster featuring rice straw textures.

Kaki-o-toshi – Lime plaster finish finish with large grained sand or marble.

Shirokabe – Traditional Japanese Shikkui lime plaster. Rich in plant fibre, highly durable and allows to easily reach a highly polished surface. For smooth exterior and interior surfaces.

Kokyu – Modern version of traditional Japanese lime plasters, contains pulp fibre. Advanced workability, best suited for interior applications with white or mild toned polished surfaces.

Kodai – Most durable Shikkui plaster for exterior projects with long plant fibre, soybean oil.

Noro – finish coat rich in colour (40% in weight of colour pigment). Matte texture.

Daichi – Highly humidity – regulating mineral plaster with large – grained diatomaceous Earth with relief surface. The only non-lime plaster finish. Does not need base coat; applied directly onto sealed substrate.

Izumi – Finest mineral plaster. Applied by trowel or spatula this has a very highly polished surface.


Base / Skim Coats

White Cement Base (WCB) – Fine sprayable base / skim coat with pure white cement and marble powder. Forms a strong bond or finish coat on masonary, concrete and ICF panels. both for interiors and exteriors.

Interior Base – Fine sprayable base / fine coat with fine Gypsum and marble powder. Forms a strong bond for finish on Gypsum-based drywall only interior use.

Takumi Base – base coat rich with high-grade Diatomaceous Earth that provides high humidity-control performance under any Shikkui finish for interiors.

Polymer Cement Mortar (M) - covering Glass Net for reinforcing ICF panels or other non-solid and possibly unstable surface, as well as for reducing structural movements. Any locally available polymer cement mortar and glass net can be used.



Shikkui Sealer – Acrylic polymer used for surface preparation. It’s main function is to control water absorbsion. 0 VOC.

Shikkui Oil – Natural soybean oil as a waterproofing additive. Added into finish coats to protect them in high humidity environments.

Topcoat SA – silicone-modified acrylic coating with advanced anti-weathering properties. Applied on top of finish coats of exterior walls to protect them from direct water / rain exposure, as well as from effloresence.

Wax – Polished waxes for high-gloss and water-repellence for Izumi. Tintable. Available in zero-VOC and low versions, depending on desired surface effects.




Enhance a space’s sense of scale and warmth with textured finishes.  Use direction to compliment flow, and random pits to give a wall a sense of mass.  Patina washes give an aged feel, and aggregate mixes create unique surfaces that reference stone while being unmistakably hand-crafted.

Smooth & Polished

Shikkui plasters make exquisite  seamless surfaces with the look and feel of polished stone. Customize color, aggregate mix, and degree of polish.

Bespoke Plaster Finishes for Walls

Lime-based plasters offer the world’s most luxurious finishes with the widest range of customization.  Combine with banding, blocking and custom troweling techniques for unlimited design options.  Choose from our bespoke colors to help you get your desired look and finish.